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what we offer

workout programs

Need a workout program to follow along at the gym? Shop our latest gym guide, Beginners Gym Guide. 

on demand

Need the hype with the workout? Book with Kate! Boxing, HIIT, Leg, Glute + Upper body focused workouts available 4x a week. Classes available as a single or as a monthly subscription. Coming soon, sign up below for alerts!

virtual training

LDR? They're not all bad. Kate offers 1-on-1 customized fitness programming complete with weekly check-ins, training program, training app access with complete how-to form vids, training handbook, nutrition handbook, 24h response time to questions, helping you facilitate a healthy relationship with fitness. 

nutrition coaching

Nutrition made simple too. Kate is a certified precision nutrition coach with a balanced approach to livin & eatin. All packages come with weekly check-ins, customized macros (if applicable), nutrition handbook & 24h response time to questions 

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