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Why I swear by vision boards

Look: I believe in the power of the universe.

While I do not believe that theory that the universe has ultimate control over us because our atoms are made from earth (dude idk, it was a theory someone threw out a while ago), I do believe that what you put out in the world is what you get back. Everything is reactionary.

Because I'm starting over in California, I evaluated my life earlier than January 1st this year. I pinpointed where I was unhappy, where I wanted to grow or what goals I finally wanted to reach. When I've been at work, out at happy hour, or at the gym, I noticed qualities I admired in other people. I wrote all my ideas down, sat down one night, and created a virtual vision board.

"Vision boards" are popular: the boards where you put pictures, images, and words of what you want to be or have in the future. The purpose of the board isn't to tell the universe what you want and expect it to be handed to you, sans work. The board is to look at as a reminder every day of the bigger goals you set and inspire you to tailor your day toward how to achieve those goals.

I made my board for my phone as that's the place I, like most of us, look the most. I chose to make the biggest part of my board "Friendly" in neon letters--that was the quality I find in others that I would like to manifest myself. I've looked at the board every day, and I do journal every night. Yes, I have noticed a difference. I've become extroverted in different parts of my life and joined groups I likely wouldn't have before. Other parts of my board include:

  1. Becoming an IFBB Bikini Competitor, eventually pro

  2. Owning a home

  3. Refreshing some old talents

  4. Getting better hair (I'm sorry this one is vain, but I want Tati Westbrooks' hair, okay?).

Ultimate goals are difficult and they're supposed to be. There has to be something big and exciting that you're striving for every day. It is easy, however, to lose sight of the dream and get discouraged. That's why I like vision boards. It puts your dreams in front of your face every day, and inspires you to do a little something every day to reach your goal.

Take my goal of becoming a competitor.

Overall, it seems intense. These women are athletes. Their day-to-day is evaluating factors, calculating numbers, and training hard, to make sure they are bringing the best physique to that stage. It is a grueling process and I have nothing but respect for the women who compete in that sport. It is something I've wanted to become a part of for years...but, also, not something that can happen in a night (or even a month).

I take my big goal of Bikini Competitor and break it down into smaller goals:

  1. Hire a coach for training & macros

  2. Calculate daily macro meal plan

  3. Drop a lb of fat a week until prep season

By breaking my big dream into smaller, attainable goals, I will less likely abandon the big picture. My vision board gives me a great reference day-to-day of the big picture, and why it's so important I meet these daily goals. They will eventually add up to the big win.

What would be on your vision board this year?

What are the goals you're trying to attain (fitness & personal)?

Here's my board:

(Yes, I also put a picture of Jeffree Starr on it because I too would like to live in Hidden Hills with four dogs in my $14.6 million mansion so if the universe could actually make that happen?).

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